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29 October 2008 @ 09:22 am

Hey all, thought I'd drop in. Seems like everyone is doing well, with the usual day to day and sometimes family BS!!! WE're good here too. I've been working a little more lately since it's flu shot season and I've been doing clinics, but this year I only have 5 which is not too bad compared with last year's 12!! Anyway there's no way we could swing it this year with limited child care options. Last year my grandma was well enough that we could have her watch evan anytime, now she's not watching him at all, her health is just too poor right now. So we've rearranged and had to bite the bullet and put him in daycare just on mondays which isn't too bad. But it took him almost 7 weeks (mondays) not to cry all day there. Last week and this week he was actually happy there and had a good time. So that's good. Other family BS news is with my poor sister. She's 16 a junior in high school and lives in Arizona with my mom and her dad. They don't let that kid do anything normal, and it's a shame cause she's a damn good kid. Now I'm not talking about them not letting her stay out till midnight, have sex, do drugs etc, no I;m talking they won't let her donate blood at her school's blood drive (her health occupations club is putting it on) and they won't let her participate in a nursing internship program another high school is offering next year. No donating blood because my mom can't be sure they're acually certified nurses taking it and no internship because "she's not driving all over town, and you can't prove it's required for college" my mom is seriously mental. I've looked into her "behaviors' and I think she's got boderline personality disorder, which basically means one minute your nice and the next minute you're an irrational bitch, and very controlling. I won't get into a lot of specifics, but she can get fucking crazy with the bitchyness, and I'm not talking a little PMSy this is real irrational shit, and the more you try to reason with her the more crazy she gets. She has no idea how hard my sister is trying to be competitive for college, she wants to move back here and go to UW so bad, and neither my mom or her dad went to college, they have NO idea the competition just to get in. They think she just fills out a form and goes off to school. I went to live with my dad when I was 13 so my mom had absolutely no par t in my college education, and even if she did, I started college almost 15 years ago, it's so much tougher to get innow She has no idea the edge this internship would give my sister, and to boot, there's a classmate already doing it that would be driving so my sister woudn't even have to drive!!! Ok I'm done ranting about her, but my sister's right, the more bullshit they put her through, the less she's going to want them to be a part of her adult life. They've already told her they're not giving her any money for school, so she's probably just going to break ties, move back here and say fuck off!

Anywhoo, Evan's going to be a vamp this year for halloween, here's a picture of him not too happy with the bat on his shirt!!! Hopefully on friday we can convince him to wear it!! Hope everyone is well! Miss everyone!!
29 October 2008 @ 12:38 am

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04 September 2008 @ 11:45 pm

Here's the rest of the pages I coudn't get in my previous post. I especially like the look on Evan's face with the egg next to it!


04 September 2008 @ 11:39 pm
just want to make a quick post here, alas not the terminus post i've been promising but something that will only take a few minutes. I've been on the computer for a couple hours now just trying to get little crap done and for some reason it's slower than hell. Anyway we had a nice weekend up in northern wisconsin visiting geno's parents. Too bad we missed the Harley Davidson anneversary, but it had started last week wednesday, so we did get to see some of the bikes. by Friday there were already thousands on the roads, so cool. Well, I'll add the wonderful digital scrapbooking pages my mother in law did for this weekend.
29 August 2008 @ 04:47 am
fail owned pwned pictures
21 August 2008 @ 11:09 pm
 Oh, dog tired today, just finished four night shifts (2-10pm) at work, by the time I get home, change, read email and friend posts, it's rediculously too late, espcially when a certain toddler has the potential of waking up at 7am. Now to some of you that may seem like plenty of time to sleep, but I am an 8hr girl and have not been getting that lately with Terminus and working and all lately. Plus I'm still doing work out boot camp at 6:30am most days through next week. I think I'll continue to do a work out regimen in the morning, but do somethng closer to home. HOpefully this weekend I'll get my Terminus posts/pics up. Other than work, not much going on. Evan got his first splinter, in the ball of his left foot on Monday. After much prodding by my aunt and then Geno, we took him to his pediatrition on tues to get the rest of it out. He cried briefly, but by the time we were in the car I'm pretty sure he forgot about it! He did a supercute move last night as we put him to bed. He has a crib "aquarium" that plays music etc and he usually likes to turn it on a listen to it a couple times before nodding off. He was mostly asleep when we layed him down, but he briefly opened up two sleepy eyes, looked at us and then slowly pointed to the aqarium, as if to say "hey, could you get that for me?" Then closed his eyes. We turned it on, it was cute.
14 August 2008 @ 03:46 pm
Um... did you guys see this? WTF I don't want to wait until next summer!!!

We were already starting to make plans for opening night. And dammit winter releases are the only time I can  wear that god damn scarf!! 

Oh, Warner Brothers, how you grieve us always
13 August 2008 @ 11:21 pm

Hey all, here's a word or two from the "girl who never posts"!!! This will be my preliminary short post. I have no freakin time to sit on the internets lately. I have to pick between sleep, work, baby time and computer time and some needs to get put on the back burner. I must say all you ladies are quite impressive with all your pics and posts up already. I will be amazed if I have half that by a week's end.  To sum up, you guys (and you all know who you are) made it an AMAZING weekend and I am very sad to have left. I always know if it's a good con when I go back to work and at the back of all my work thoughts, I keep thinking of the convention and all these little things woven into it. It's like I've had to slip back into my AU. 
I was so flippin tired when I got back on monday, it was all I could do to keep my eyes open while playing with Evan until Geno got home at 7:30! Slept forever the next day and had to go back to work at 2pm tuesday. Worked again today, but now I have my four day weekend ahead, oh it's nice to be part time! 
I will definitly post more on the con and each of it's days to catch up to those of you I didn't spend most of my waking hours with this past week. 
Just want to say again, you guys all rock so hard and I love you all. It was a wonderful weekend filled with laughs, tears, quidditch watching, weddings, BALLS... both Crystal and Bon Voyage!, and much much more. 
Emily came by today and it was really fun, she got to meet the boys and I snapped a few pictures of her with Evan, it was really cute. 
Like I said I'll post more later, but just wanted to get a shout out to my ladies. Slappy I'm hoping to see at least a short list of the last weeks quotes..... it's been a few days since I've laughed so hard my tummy hurts!

07 May 2008 @ 09:14 am
 Since I've been seeing a lot of  people posting who only post here and there, I thought I'd add my "quarterly" post as well. The truth is not a whole hell of a lot going on. I'm going to Terminus for sure and I've given up on Portus. I really shouldn't spend the xtra money, and my little (16 year old) sis will be staying with us this summer and I'd feel obligated to take her and there's no way I could afford two of us since my mom couldn't pay either. They've already spent close to $1000 in tickets to wisconsin to visit between the three of them. (They live in AZ) Anyway, I would love to go but now that I'm working only 3 days/week we really can't be spending frivolously. Evan is now 13 months old. Can you believe it? I was pregnant with him at Lumos. Wow time flies. He's walking like crazy and is tall for his age, his MD says he's the size of an 18 month old! He's not talking yet which I'm a little worried about but I won't start worrying too much until we have his 15 month check up and he hasn't said mama or dada yet. Although the amazing thing is how intelligent he is without speaking. It's weird at first to realize this little person isn't speaking but they completely understand you. When I ask him questions or say let's go here, he completely knows what I'm talking about. I ask him if he's hungry and he gets up, walks to the kitchen and stands near the fridge. If I say we're going to wherever, he goes by the door to the garage. We can ask him to point to things belly button, feet etc and he knows them, it's just he's not into talking yet. 
Other than that, not much is new. Work's been fine, working 3 days a week is good, although sometimes I feel I would like to work more, and other days I don't feel that way. I miss certain things that came with full time: managing, teaching pharmacy students etc. Oh well, before I know it Evan will be off to school (and possibly future children) and I'll be back to work full time. What I really am longing for is a vacation though. We used to take a couple trips a year and I would definitely go to the HP cons no matter where they were, but alas money has been tighter and we haven't gone anywhere (except Prophecy) in almost two years. So hopefully soon we'll be able to get somewhere soon, maybe we should priceline.com a vegas weekend or something, who knows. That's about it without getting way into detail about friend issues and mommy issues I won't bore you guys with at this time, that's what I've got other mommy friends for. (Which is great because lately us mommies have been trying to spend mommy time together instead of playgroup time so it's been fun) I could get into that as well, but that's another page. I'll try to attach a picture of Evan but I'm still a novice on LJ when it comes to anything besides text!
09 January 2008 @ 11:06 pm
Hey everybody, I thought I'd peek back into my LiveJournal. I've been floating around facebook more lately. I hope all of you are well. Sometimes it feels like the HP universe slips away a little. I haven't seen so many of you since Lumos, as most of you weren't at Prophecy and I couldn't make PR. Sometimes I really to miss not being in the thick of things, hopefully I will be back in it sometime soon.
so life here is good. Evan is....many things: funny, adorable, laugh out loud, affectionate....just plain cool. I wasn't so sure how mommy hood would turn out, but he's just so damn great, the annoyances are worth it. He's had so much trouble with ear infections, 4 of them since august, twice he had to be switched on antibitotics since the first course didn't do anything. so, dec 27th he had surgery to have tubes put in his ears. Ever since, he has shown so much improvement on vocalizing more, sleeping better, everything, so it was a good decision to go ahead and do it. 
for me, I'm working 3days a week, but it doesn't seem like I have more free time being down from 42 hours a week, but it's a good balance. I'm looking forward to summer, when we can get outside and do more. I'm still hoping to lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight, maybe a few more to boot, but we'll see. 

So I was wondering, what events are you guys going to this summer? Portus/and or Terminus? I really reallly want to go to Terminus since I can drive there, but the problem is I don't have anyone to room with. My regular roomies will be AWOL, and I'll need Geno to be home with Evan. So I was wondering if anyone needs a roomie? I'd be up for Portus as well, but same issue, no roomate. So, if you read this, drop me a line and let me know if someone's looking for a roomate, I really don't want to miss out. 

Miss you all and hope to see some of you this summer 
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